A New Day

This was the moment when I knew I was seriously returning to my long time interest of photography!

It is an initial selection of kit that allows me to start having much more control over the images I create than on my iPhone 5S.


It comes with easily customizable aperture, shutter speed & ISO settings – all at the touch of my fingers.

No apps to look at and preset – just eye to the viewfinder, frame the shot, adjust shot settings accordingly, focus & capture.

And I also get to choose which part of the image I want as the focal point.

Maybe you can do that on an iPhone 5S, but I never found a way and truth be told, wasn’t really interested. For me, taking photos is about using a dedicated camera – not an all in one device like a smartphone or computer tablet.

Having previously been a long time Canon user, I have now switched to Fuji and their X-Series camera bodies and lenses. They just feel so right in my hand, though still heavy when fully assembled and even more so with a battery grip attached. But then, I am talking about the Fuji equivalent of ‘professional kit’.

Now I have the assembled kit, as will be used – with batteries fully charged and memory card formatted ready to go.

The instruction manual is a chunky little thing, but then this is quite a powerful camera.

I’ve also taken the time to upgrade the camera to the latest firmware version. The lens is already configured to the latest firmware version.

Fuji Firmware upgrades are another reason to invest in Fuji kit.

Fuji Firmware upgrades do not just fix bugs – they introduce new features that have been incorporated into more recently released cameras.

This may seem like madness – but it is getting Fuji quite a following, and so sales!

Before getting stuck in to the manual, I took that camera out on a couple of trips to Felixstowe and took some pictures using the basic features such as aperture, shutter and ISO settings only – along with my initial attempts at using the autofocus system. The following are my initial efforts:

This is the Port of Felixstowe, and the boat in the background is amongst the largest of the worlds container ships. The small yellow boat is the Felixstowe, Harwich, Shotley Ferry.

I was amused at the difference in scale of these two boats, when you consider ALL of the containers on the MSC Clara are larger than the little ferry – and the MSC Clara can carry up to 18000 of those containers!

But what impressed me most – was the close crop as shown below:

This is just a small segment of that initial picture – and not even saved to its best quality. Say what you want, but you won’t hear me complaining about the quality of images produced by this camera. And then there was another trip where I tried the camera on a less stationary subject, my Grandson, as pictured below:

















This is an uncropped jpg from the original RAW file downloaded from the camera.

The only thing done to it is recovering from the shadows a bit.

I am so loving the BOKEH this 16-155 f2.8 LM WR lens is producing.

The autofocus [AF] has also pulled exactly the right spot on his face, as can be seen on the next shot below – which is another crop of this shot.

Tell me you wouldn’t be happy with that as a shot of any child – let alone a fidgety 2-3 year old!It was even good enough to pick up his runny nose!

No flash was used – this is just as downloaded from the camera with a drop of shadow recovery using Adobe Lightroom® – again, you will hear no negative comments with image quality like that to expect from future uses.

So, to summarise:

  • I have purchased a new camera kit made by Fujifilm
  • I have put it all altogether, charged the batteries and upgraded any firmware
  • I have taken a few test shots
  • I have a manual to read so I can learn how to master this camera
  • In short – I am BACK INTO PHOTOGRAPHY 🙂